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Death by Paper

I am drowning.

I am drowning in my children’s school papers. Every day, they each bring home a handful of papers that I can most assuredly tell you I have no idea where to put them. I collect a pile on the counter and I proceed to NOT look at 90% of them. I’m just being transparent. But only sort of because that number is probably 95%…

I would never want to give off an ungrateful vibe. I have four amazing kids. They bring home so many papers from their awesome school, that I’m also thankful for. But I am up there on my list of people I know who are the LEAST organized folks. So what does a mother do?

I need all your best organizational contraptions and ideas for maintaining this new organized lifestyle, that I’m half-committed to implementing long-term. I need a system that is easy to keep up with and specific instructions on how to present or store it in a pleasing to the decor kind of way. Basically, I can’t be told to buy a plastic box for each kid without telling me where to “put it” (AKA hide it).  I am like the un-Pinterest Mom. I can’t be inspired by Pinterest pictures and set a plan in action. I wish that were me, if I’m being honest.

I really need to add in pictures for dramatic effect, but also because it’s the drowning reality. I have no idea how to keep up with all the things regarding kids in school. There are so many other school-related things I can’t keep up with and have to shrug off as “not in this season”. Any other mothers in the trenches or seasoned masters of this school stuff? Impart wisdom, please!