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Motivated and Stuff

Somewhere along the timeline between 2017 and 2019, I lost sight of my goals. Auto-pilot engaged, and I was caught up in the daily tasks that didn’t include foresight.  The daily tasks left out appropriate self-care, soul searching, and dream chasing. The daily tasks focused on the pressures of the month, family balance, and survival.

I’m not proud of what I was or who I became, but THANK GOD for change and a big dose of reality to wake me up. In addition to the splash of WAKE UP, I got a new sponsor for this Lularoe biz, and she and the team that came with that change, has brought new focus and motivation. It’s like a page turned, from the hum drum life and business struggles to being able to reach again.

For months into years, I had forgotten that we really only achieve what we intend to, so when our intentions become a rushed shrug, our results get a shrug of “oh well!”, too. I am so thankful to see that again. I have goals set this month that came with the “April Incentive” for Lularoe. The challenge is to sell 10% more than your best month from January 2018-March 2019. Well that’s a huge LEAP from my sales lately to that challenge, almost to the tune of DOUBLE. But I’m running for it, and I need to keep my head down and sprint.

I’m going to celebrate this victory of a month. Even when I don’t reach that challenge. Do you know why? Because I see that hope again. I feel the growing pains which mean I’m growing again, and that deserves celebrating. I’m already having my best month since January 2018, but selling the amount of January 2018 is a challenge in itself and then to sell 10% more is a stretch. See why I’m celebrating? Something awesome is happening and I’m just stoked again. Here’s to stoking the flames!


New Year’s Day

This year seems to be louder. It’s not bad, but there’s so much loud motivation on social media the last couple days and today. And it’s fabulous and slightly overwhelming. I’m swaggering into the new year with confidence that it’s a clean slate of a year and an opportunity for growth. I’m hoping for new blessings and focusing in on new goals. That’s the plan… to make a plan.

I hear having a plan for success is the best way to succeed. So I’m getting to planning and not relenting on that focus. This. Is. The. Year. I don’t let myself down. I’m going to be a better friend. To myself. And to my friends. It’s hard for me, if I’m being honest.

Another thing I’m working on is pursing God-given interests, talents, and heart-tugs for more knowledge by reading. That means you’ll find me here writing and sharing art and nuggets of joy in my reading. This  is  the plan. 66CC5E04-A3CB-4E4B-9605-17E1AC53B7DD

What are you focusing on for your new year? I must know.