Decluttering and Stuff

I’m a mess. In pretty much every aspect of my life, I’m kind of a cluttered mess. I am thirty, and I’m still not really sure what one should do with mail. You know, like when it arrives, and then after you open it, and then when you’ve seen the contents… where do you put it? I think the trash is probably a good answer. But what if you need it again?

My clothing, my desk, my shipping station… all a mess. Because where do you put things? I’m a professed terrible unpacker and locator of things new home. When we moved to our house, almost four years ago, a sweet woman from our church unpacked my kitchen boxes for me. I’ve talked about it over the years because it was such a sweet gift and act of service. I am terrible at unpacking in a new home and making a space for everything one owns.

On that topic, who wants to pack and unpack my next move? Any takers? Anyone take great joy in that process? Today, I started. I purged through my kitchen, throwing old or expired pharmaceuticals, teas, coffees, and glassware. I really feel like I made equal parts progress and more mess. Can you relate? That’s the thing about organization… I always feel like I make a bigger mess overall, and then I’m left with the feelings of “What do I like next?”

Next on my list is my personal closet, workspace, reading nook, and… everywhere else. It requires a lot of personal reflection as I prepare to donate/get rid of much of the things I’ve help onto for far to long. I’m so excited to turn the page and not feel overwhelmed by the mess. Here’s to productivity this Sunday!

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