Fresh beginnings

If we could skip the fluffy introductions, where I give you the surface awesome things I rock at in life, and we jump right into the nitty gritty, I would let you know I’m only consistent at being inconsistent at this point in my life. I’m everything that this book I’m reading by Rachel Hollis is nudging me to let go of. I’d rather lay out the flaws first and be completely real with you, than create yet another place on the interwebs for you to feel less than or judged. I’m here to be that place for you to feel normal, maybe more put together than, and it’s totally okay.

I’m Kayla. I’m almost thirty. I can say that officially now without being corrected. Backstory: I feel like I’m thirty-five. I’ve felt like that since I was twenty-five and popped out our fourth child. So I’ve been saying I’m “almost thirty” for a while, and that erked my husband. Apparently, you can’t say you’re almost something until you’re mathematically able to round up to it from the last birthday. Make sense? Yeah, it didn’t to me. I felt thirty. Anyway, I’m almost thirty now and no better put together than I was at twenty-five.

In fact, I’m perhaps less put together. Life happens, kids grow, more life and stuff, and here we are today. In the trenches. Navigating to somewhere. Maybe. But that’s all just to say that while I now run two successful businesses instead of one, I still feel like I’m being punched in the face by life, unable to keep up with laundry and mail, and whatnot.

I juggle being mom, business owner, friend, and some other roles like an expert circus performer. NOT. But I’ve found my passion in life is to be able to express myself creatively through art and clothes and helping others do the same. I love to help people feel amazing and uniquely themselves in their skin and clothes, and that is what brings me joy in the day to day, aside from that deep rooted joy in Christ, of course. I feel like I have to add that in to avoid judgment, but really. I do love what I do.

So as a commitment I’m not sure I’m ready to let myself quit, I’ll write it down. This time. I will write. Daily. I will pop in to express myself, encourage myself and any potential interested parties, and be as real as  I can. Here’s to new beginnings (because I started this site a year ago and couldn’t write one entry without sobbing through the introduction that I deleted… I’ll tell you more about that another day.)!

So if you’re new here, and we all are, please introduce yourself in the comments. I have a fab community at but I’d love to get to know you here as well.

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